North Coast Kayak Adventures

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Official holders of a BC Parks permit.  A thank you to the First Nations representatives and to BC Parks for thier work in reviewing our application.

Our tentative locations for 2018 are:

  • Foch Lagoon and the Gilttoyees
  • Sue and Loretta Channels
  • Allan Reach
  • Bishop Bay and Monkey Beach Conservancy
  • Kildala Arm

Sue and Loretta Channel Area Day or Multi-day Trip

With so much area to explore you will want to go more than once!

For the beginner… this protected area makes for great paddling while you are still honing your skills.

For the more advanced or adventurous, the three islands of Hawkesbury, Loretta and Maitland await! Or give yourself a workout and cross Devastation Channel for a dip in the hotsprings at WeeWanie!

Foch Lagoon and Gilttoyees 

Part of a historical First Nations travel route between the Douglas and the Skeena, this area is abundant with visual pleasures!

This is a serene paddling location not to be missed.

Foch Lagoon requires a slack tide for a safe entry through the narrows to view the productive kelp beds -- the nurseries for the abundance of sea life.

Experienced paddlers may wish to exit the lagoon and travel the Gilfttoyees Inlet. Opportunity this season of visiting both areas.

Butedale on Princess Royal Island

Privately owned, Butedale is a destination offering a variety of options! Paddle the area to get a glimpse of a Kermode in its natural habitat, or for the more adventurous, head to the hot springs at the end of Klekane Inlet in the conservancy. 

Hidden behind the abandoned cannery is Butedale Lake and worth a look if you'd rather hike than paddle!

** this location will be omitted if there is not enough interest**

Bishop Bay and Monkey Beach Conservancy

A well known destination for locals! With its hot springs, outdoor toilet, fire pits and tenting platforms it is a great place to spend a day or even two or three! The Bay itself makes for great sheltered paddling with the shores of Monkey Beach not too far away to set your sights as the perfect place to take a break for lunch! Keep your eyes open to spot the marine life that calls the bay home. Its facilities and ease of access make Bishop Bay a great destination for kayakers of all abilities.